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Receiving an audit from the Employment Development Department can be a confusing and complicated matter and it’s important to make sure you know how to navigate the process correctly so that you don’t make mistakes that lead to penalties. Having an attorney with intricate knowledge of the laws in the state of California is your best defense against the EDD.

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With a decade of legal experience under her belt, Attorney Allison Soares has both an excellent fundamental understanding of the law and a successful track record to prove it. She has served the needs of people in southern California throughout her entire legal career.

When it comes to handling your EDD audit case, you can trust Attorney Soares to guide you through the process and help you get the best legal result possible. She’ll keep you up to date with the details of your case at every step of the way.

Allison Soares

Experienced Tax Attorney

Before starting her own practice, Attorney Soares was a partner at a tax law firm where she honed her skills handling a wide variety of tax and employment-related cases. In addition to her legal work, she has worked in accounting and utilizes that knowledge to her advantage while handling cases involving EDD audits.

About Allison Soares

Attorney Allison Soares serves employers in San Diego, Orange County, and other areas of southern California in their cases involving EDD audits.

Since there are so many factors that play into EDD audits, it’s important to understand exactly what kind of audit you are facing, why you may be facing the audit, and what the necessary next steps are in order to successfully get through the audit process.

Representing both individuals and companies, Attorney Soares utilizes her decade of legal experience to put her clients in the best possible legal positions to face the EDD. She has handled numerous cases involving EDD audits and can help you make sure you walk away from the audit successfully.

If you are facing an EDD Audit, you need professional help. Allison will take all the stress out of dealing with the EDD.

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about EDD Audits

Q: Why did I receive an audit?
The EDD conducts different audits to ensure that employers are functioning correctly according to state laws and the tax code. In some cases, the EDD conducts verification audits that are done at random and do not insinuate any inappropriate action. In other cases, you may face a request audit, which is a more serious audit and generally instigated by a party that provides the EDD with information about you or your company.

Q: I’ve received notice that I’m being audited. What’s the first step?
Once you’ve contacted an attorney, start getting your records and other relevant documents in order. Having these documents organized will be a major help in your defense. The more documentation you are able to present in your defense, the easier it will be to get you through the audit process successfully.

Q: What kind of records might be requested from me?
The most common records that the EDD requests from employers during an audit are general employment questionnaires, payroll registers, general lender registers, wage information for particular time frames, and employee registers. After these documents are requested, the actual audit begins and the EDD may request other additional documents.

Q: What are the penalties associated with EDD audits?
Depending on the reason for your EDD audit, you could be liable to face a wide range of fines that can cause you a considerable amount of financial strain. These sorts of fines include a percentage of unpaid taxes, set dollar amounts for each case of unreported employees or independent contractors, and much more.

Q: What happens if I don’t agree with the proposed assessment from the EDD?
If you don’t agree with the proposed assessment the EDD gives you after their audit is complete, you can appeal the assessment with the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board.

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Time is of the essence when you’re dealing with EDD audits. You’ll want to have your documents and records together in a quick and timely manner, but most importantly you’ll want to have an attorney to help you with the process. If you’re facing an EDD audit in Orange County, San Diego, or the surrounding areas, contact Attorney Allison Soares today to schedule a consultation.

  • This office does not handle: Unemployment Insurance Benefits (UI), State Disability Issues (SDI), Worker Compensation Issues, or EDD Overpayments.

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