Help! I Got an IRS Audit Notice

An IRS audit can be a scary thing. When you receive an IRS audit notice, depending on the type of audit, it’s important to read the notice. It’s important to understand exactly what the IRS is looking at. Generally speaking, you can see the audit notice and the items that they’re interested in looking at for an office audit, because it will be listed on the return and listed on the audit notice. When you go into the audit, it’s very important that you provide the information that the auditor has requested. It’s important if you had a $10,000 expense, that you explain to the auditor how you got to that $10,000. If you don’t happen to have all of the receipts, that would be fine. We can go back and explain why you don’t have the receipts. But you have to explain to the IRS why you put that line item why you put that $10,000 on your tax return. You as the taxpayer, as the business owner, have the burden of proof. You have to prove the expenses that you took on your tax return.