Will the Government Think I’m Guilty if I Hire a Tax Attorney?

One of the most common questions I get when someone reaches out to me for help is will the government agent, or agency, think I’m guilty because I hired a tax attorney? Will they think I’m hiding something or trying to run away from the government? I always answer the same way. Most government agencies are overworked, and they need as much help as possible. They are more than happy to have somebody else assist in an audit or a compliance issue. Since I’ve been through the process before, I have the ability to help the taxpayer, let them know the expectations, the guidelines, and what their rights are if they want to appeal something. The government agent is more than happy to have me provide the information in an organized fashion, to provide the summaries and the information in one lump sum. Rather than go back and provide it piecemeal. The government agents are generally very happy to have someone involved in the case that has done this before. And they don’t have to spend the time educating a taxpayer because the attorney has already been through it.